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Bush Regeneration

Bush regeneration is the restoration of a natural system that has been destroyed or depleted, generally through human behavior.

Like organic farming, the chemical-free perspective acknowledges the terrible and still unknown damage that man-made toxins are having on our whole bio-sphere. From this broader view it seems wiser for us to consider the long term perspective, like hundreds of years…as opposed to much shorter human life times… as this is the time frame of positive environmental change. We are destroying natural systems much more quickly than they can be restored.

With this perspective we focus on creating positive outcomes for local eco-systems, through manual removal of weeds, and the reintroduction of native species. Once a natural system is restored or established it is self-sustaining and self-perpetuating, even able to resist weed invasion.

It requires a different focus and a commitment to follow-up work for success, but engenders a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the land and respect for natural processes. It is grounding, respectful and opens one to awe and humility for mother nature.

The forests and ecosystems of the world were relatively undisturbed for millions of years. In the last few thousand we have had a profound impact as a species. It seems appropriate that we start to redress this imbalance while we still can.